Monday, September 29, 2008

Green & Cheap Classroom Idea: Reusable bingo "cards"

Today I played Bingo with my Spanish 1 students in order to review for our Unit 1 test on Thursday. I know they enjoy playing Bingo, and while this is not a common teaching tool, I did not want to keep having to print bingo "cards" for my students to use. I purchased a box of sheet protectors and a class set of overhead markers. I also printed a class set of blank bingo cards. I put the bingo cards in the sheet protectors and pass out a card and marker to each student. They fill in their "card" with the material we will be reviewing that day, and the bingo game commences. After we are finished I clean off the cards with wet paper towels and they are ready to be used for another class another day.

The only thing I would change for the future is to print whatever is going in the sheet protectors on paper thicker than regular copy paper. Eventually from normal handling by students the bingo cards will start to get a little dingy and wrinkled, using thicker paper would prevent this from happening as quickly. So far I have used the current bingo cards twice and they are still holding up quite nicely.

My reason for doing this is two-fold: We all know resources in our schools are limited and the amount of money a teacher can afford to spend on school supplies even more so. At my school and many others in the city, teachers buy their own copy paper. For things such as bingo cards that students are not going to look at a second time, it doesn't make sense not to conserve. The green reason obviously being to conserve resources as well. Working in a school district that does not recycle gives teachers few options to do their part for the environment. Hopefully this green and cheap classroom idea will help teachers striving to conserve in both of these areas.

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