Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank you Donors Choose!

A few months ago at an event for new teachers put on by the UFT, I found out about the website It is a non-profit website for teachers to request materials they need/would like to use in their classrooms. While only teachers can post requests for materials, anyone can look on the website for projects to donate to. Donations can be of any amount and are tax deductible. Since joining the website in August, I have had two of my projects fully funded, and a third project partially funded. I was skeptical at first, thinking "Why would anyone want to help me and my classroom?" To my surprise and the surprise of my co-workers who I told about the site, people DO care and ARE interested in helping low income classrooms.

So, a very warm thank you to Donors Choose and all the kind people on the website that help fun and interesting and important things happen in classrooms.

Here's my latest project: