Monday, November 2, 2009

Social Networking in the classroom

I've decided to make a teacher facebook page for my students to add. I have also made two "fan pages", one for each of the classes I teach: AP Spanish Literature and Spanish 3. The goals here are many: students can ask questions of me and each other on the "wall", I'm able to post events (quizzes, tests, projects, etc), I can chat with students if they have questions, parents can add the pages so they always have an idea of what is going on in class, homework or otherwise, I can also post interesting links and video clips.

I've tried to make class blogs in the past, and they were incredibly hard to keep up with. Hopefully this will be a better match for both me and my students.


itsawrapteacher said...

You are so brave!

Señorita in the City said...

Why do you say that?

KT said...

I think that is a cool idea. Do you become friends with your students on facebook? Or is this something they will access without accessing your personal pages and info?

Sounds like it will offer a lot of good things to your students, I am interested to hear about how it goes!


Señorita in the City said...


I originally had my personal facebook profile, which I keep secret from students. Yesterday I built a new profile with no personal info, pics, friends on my wall, that they can add. I'll also inform their parents so they can add me (if they choose) as well.

My journey as a teacher begins. said...
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Steve-O said...

That sounds like an excellent idea. As a rookie teacher (I’m not even a rookie, still a student teacher)I have thought about how to incorporate social networking into the classroom and your idea sounds wonderful. I’m interested in how it’ll play out in your class.