Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm tired of working for crazy people.

In a passively aggressive turn of events, our administration is now only allowing teachers to leave the building during our assigned lunch period.

Yup, that's right!

Want to run out for a cup of coffee?  Or perhaps a bottle of water since the water at school is BROWN?  Need something out of the car?

No dice.

You can only handle this business during your lunch period.  We have lunch and one other "prep" period, allowing for minimal out of the building time anyway.  Why enforce this crazy rule?

To top it all off, we are now required to sign in and out with the times we're out of the building.

Why to treat your staff like badly behaved children.


We're New York's Brightest said...

They do this type of thing at our school too! It's personally SUPER frustrating to be locked in during your prep when you have to go out into the city to get something you need for your lesson after your prep. And our school forces us to sign in as well... except no teachers are allowed in the building even a split second before 7:30 am... and school starts at 8:20! The way they treat us at my school and at yours is pretty insulting - you're absolutely right, I do feel like I'm being treated like a child sometimes by my administration.

Ms. Peace said...

This is sad, but it made me laugh remembering how many times I had to run out to kinko's on my prep to pay out of pocket because our copier was broken, or using the bathroom at Starbucks because they were "Renovating" the teacher's bathroom and we couldn't use the kids bathroom until after 3 PM. The water thing is amazing too. Don't they know that most public schools seriously do not even have drinkable water.

Elouise Tomás said...

@New York's Brightest I thought we were the only ones?! I wonder if this is the wave of the future?

@Ms. Peace Maybe the problem is in the water, which they are drinking. haha.

MissT said...

It is frustrating, sometimes, being given the rules we are we are given. However, you have to think every rule given to us was decided by previous circumstances. It is not that administrators sit and think of ways to make us miserable, it is simply that they have learned and adapted from past experiences. Just like we, as teachers, do with our students everyday. Unfortunately, a few bad apples result in EVERYBODY, the good and the bad, having to suffer a bit. Over all, though, isn't the greater good, ensuring our students are in a safe learning environment, more important then the sacrifices we make as teachers?

Elouise Tomás said...

Miss T,

While I am inclined to agree with you in most cases, we were told at a meeting that these strict rules were punishment for our school receiving a low score on an anonymous survey. We were told that we would have stricter rules enforced upon us until the survey scores increase.

So, you saying in your own blog that I was complaining about "insignificant personal problems" was inaccurate and uninformed. I am flattered that I did inspire you to blog though.

MissT said...

I want to apologize for using the words "insignificant problems" there are really no problem that cannot turn into something significant. After the day I had yesterday I was frustrated and venting and because of reasons out of your control I used a few words I read that got me going on a tangent that I truly know you did not mean. My circumstances are not the same as yours. However, you should be flattered! You inspired me too write about something I feel passionately about. THANK YOU!!!! That proves that you are an excellent teacher. You could definitely use some breathing room. Thanks for letting me vent and inspiring me!

MissT said...

Knowing that these new rules are being handed to your faculty as "a punishment" is ridiculous. I stand by that we are handed some restrictions because of past experiences but... WE all want for students to be in a safe environment and for them to achieve high goals and standards. The people above us, though, should not make attempts at punishing teachers with silly rules, based on low scores of anything. The teachers can be doing everything in their power to teach the students, but that, alone, is not always enough. In the big picture, we are professionals so treat us that way.

I was looking for inspiration when I posted my first blog and I had tunnel vision. When I went in this morning, though, I was ready and refueled :)

Elouise Tomás said...

Miss T!

I get it, no worries. I try not to make my blog a complainfest, and actually a bit funny (I try, haha), so sometimes I skip over important plot points.

What levels and subjects do you teach?

MissT said...

Im at a very special school where i mostly work with Discipline Education placements, students from elementary to high school who have made a bad choice, a Transitions group that is learning life skills, and students in high school students that just do not work in the "normal high school environment" but have chosen to get a diploma rather then a drop out. The school is part of an independent school district, but cannot be but into a specific category.

I mostly teach art and a teen leadership class and get to tutor math and English whenever possible.

MissT said...

Mostly 7th graders to seniors. It is actually amazingly satisfying working with all the genres of ages and groups :)

We're New York's Brightest said...


hahaha I guess so too! Today a teacher tried to sneak out during his prep to get materials for a lesson plan - since he has 2 classes and the prep splits his day into half.

When teachers sneak out... you know the policy is too out of hand!

Eddie the Eagle said...

America never ceases to amaze.

Ashley said...

My school only started letting us leave the building two years ago, and it's also during our lunch period.

Melanie Fenton said...

My school started a "no leave" policy too, but we aren't allowed to leave at ALL during the day. Our planning period and our lunch period(all 25 min of it)are considered "company" time. It's ridiculous that teachers aren't treated like adults by their administration!